Thursday, December 13, 2007

Politics and Food

I know food politics are low on the totem pole of issues compared with getting out of Iraq, global warming and health care, and overall just finding someone we can trust to be in Washington.

But we should care, we eat every day and what we eat is tied to both our health and the environment. Hell, I wish eating local would help bring the troops home, too. But, it can't. And I am voting, partially with my fork, for change. Which is why news like Hillary's ties to Big Meat (Smithfield and Tyson) are particularly disturbing as I look to the Democratic landscape of candidates.

Even Nancy Pelosi is singing the praises of subsidy and going against Farm Bill reform. Looks like all attempts toward major subsidy reform just died on the table. All-in-all, not a good showing for our Democratic Congress or most of the candidates. It gives me all the more resolve to keep promoting sustainable ag, and local eating since it just hasn't gained ground as a key issue yet with those who would be president.

Do you want to know who is getting the subsidy payments in your state? Here's a helpful database that will give you a quick summary. And more background information on the topic is also here at Mulch.

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