Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Got Corruption?

Pennsylvania's Department of Agriculture Secretary Dennis Wolff led the charge to ban voluntary labeling on milk that is hormone-free. It seemed like an odd move when even the FDA resisted Monsanto's (maker of rBST) pressure to ban the labeling. Turns out, Wolff is a dairy farmer himself. I am betting he is not one of the producers who is rBST-free.

Thankfully, state governor Ed Rendell has decided to review the decision. I am thinking he should also be reviewing a decision on whether to fire Wolff.

These kind of inside advantages are a direct cause of many of the problems we face with our food system. To get a perspective on the closed loop between fertilizer, commodity growers, feed and the meat industry, read this insightful article over at Ethicurean. It makes me want to hug our freezer full of local meat.

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