Monday, November 05, 2007

You Like Me, You Really Like Me!

The 2007 Weblog Awards

It's better than finding $20.00 in the dryer. Better than getting the last spoonful of double dark chocolate gelato. And I just kind of stumbled onto it. See, I went to vote for one of the other finalists. When I got to the list, I saw THIS SITE. And, I thought, oh, it's some mistake. But there it is, folks. The Expatriate's Kitchen, my lowly, non-commercial little blog is a top ten finalist in the 2007 Web Blog Awards for Best Food Site.

Now, while I am floored and honored to get nominated (the other sites are top notch), you can vote for me once every 24 hours between now and November 9th. Please do! Thanks.

Wow. Thanks!


Kalyn said...

Way to go, congratulations!

Her Grace said...

Yes, we do like you! I'm on my way to vote!

jen said...

so well deserved. and now i can say i knew you when.

The Expatriate Chef said...

Oh, I bow to all of you. Kalyn blogs on! Her Grace has a lovely site with great posts. And Jen. Jen, you inspire me every time I visit your place. You are all my choice for an award!

mamagotcha said...

Congratulations! It makes me smile that today is Sally Fields' birthday, too!

Shaping Youth said...

Congrats, m'dear...It would figure I'd have a system crash and only get one or two lousy votes for you in...argh. I tried to upgrade memory and have had 14 crashes since then...I tried...dangit. You're aces, and fourth is fab too, ya know? Steep competition and hey, you get to post the finalist badge...evercool.

Keep in touch, and keep on keepin' us healthy! :-)