Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Recycling Summer

Sunday’s warm weather was one of those “last chance” days of fall to be outside for a long time. With the short days post-daylight-savings, being in the sun was a welcome place. It was enough, even, to make me not mind the fall cleanup of dumping the soil and remains of our herb garden into the compost heap. I will miss the abundance of fresh herbs. The heartier ones, sage and rosemary, are still growing and will hold on, barely, to grace our Thanksgiving meal.

It’s a remarkable cycle. I was immune to the beauty of the compost heap my husband insisted on. I have come around now that we have begun using it. That, plus the fact that every weekend I fill a 3-gallon bucket with vegetable peels, stems and pulp while I prepare our meals for the week. It’s nice knowing that even these parts of our produce have a function. We raked the leaves and put the jack-o-lanterns in the pile along with the dirt. Through some kind of magic, and hundreds of happy earthworms, early spring will find us using this same material to start our garden anew.

I'll miss the herbs, and not freezing my posterior off. Over the long winter I'll be reading The One Square Foot Gardener and making my plans.

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Rachel said...

if space is a premium in your garden (sure is in mine), have you thought of using something like a Bokashi bucket? Don't know if they're available in the US, but they create compost using a fermentation system. You can do about four weeks of veg peelings in one bucket. Then you dig a hole in the ground, bury the stuff and in about two or three weeks its freaky-rich soil. I worship mine; we were able to get rid of our compost bin and free up at least two square feet of space.

Here's a description from Amazon. Of course, it's not in stock right now, but perhaps you can find a local distributor?

I'm so excited to hear you're looking at a garden in tight spaces. Hope we can compare notes! My biggest tip: use big buckets and dwarf varieties of veg. I've currently got a large terra cotta pot of "small white" cucumbers growing, and a pot of dwarf "dragon tongue" beans. Have set up smaller buckets for mesclun, lettuce and broccoli. I'm kicking myself for not having bought dwarf zuccini and eggplant seeds and runnerless peppers. Oh well - next year...