Monday, November 12, 2007

Loophole or Sinkhole?

“The government keeps putting out that we’ve reduced E. coli by 50 percent and all of that,” said an inspector. “And we haven’t done nothing. We’ve just covered it up.”

Grammar aside, this comment from a USDA meat inspector is certainly interesting. The cover up he is referring to is the process of just shipping the contaminated meat over the cook only side and not reporting it.

The details of the article are probably most frightening as it describes the fact that the meat companies are "confused" as to why the amount of tainted meat has increased. I don't think there is any confusion. The source is a diet cattle should not eat that gets them to market quicker at a huge price to the animals' health, a processing of the meat that needs more precautions (and thus, decreased production), and expensive testing and destruction of meat that is not fit for consumption. Not confusing. It's just that the answer to the problem is would mean fewer profits and is therefore, unthinkable.

My concern is that is the plants are as "thorough" in cooking the meats as they are in the slaughter, we're far from being out of danger.

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