Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Fruit of the Week

Today is our last CSA pick up and the farmers market closed at the end of October. I always feel a bit lost this time of year. Which might explain some of my stranger behaviors such as stockpiling pumpkin, squash and sweet potatoes like a crazed, pessimistic squirrel facing eternal winter. However, even 200 lbs. of local orange vegetables is not enough to quell the lost feeling.

There is a huge blank spot open on our Saturday mornings, not to mention the empty shelves of the fridge where I keep all the produce we buy.

I even feel a bit like a tourist in the produce department at the grocery store. So, I do what all tourists do — go for the most bizarre and unusual experience I can find. I mean, if you are going to go on vacation from eating all local, you may as well go somewhere exotic, right?

Call it adventure tourism for the palate. I use this time of year to introduce the Kiddo to all kinds of new flavors and textures, things that just won't grow here. It's definitely not the same as the farmers market or going to the farm, even. But it's fun to explore a bit, and it's a good way to get past the "picky," that neophobic thing kids do which drives us all nuts.

Last week's Fruit of the Week was Pomegranate. Kiddo pulled her chair up to the counter to watch as I cut into the fruit and pulled back the insides to get the deep red, iridescent seeds. We shared them as they pulled away from the peel, laughing. I still have juice on my cabinets. It was a good excursion. Next week, I have my sights on this crazy thing called a Buddha hand.


Rachel said...

what can you do with pomegranate? I mean, I love the juice and everything, but it's such a pain to peel and eat and I'm a bit at a loss to do with it. I've put it in salads with rocket and liked the contrast in flavors, but can you cook with the juice?

The Expatriate Chef said...

You can use the juice and reduce is down as a sauce. Goes well with game and poultry and pork. I can get you some recipes.

Rachel said...

when you get a chance... I know pomagranate is also the major ingredient in grenadine.

BTW, just found a very interesting recipe for "lemon syrup" - recommended for making home-brewed lemonade or a very interesting gin-and-tonic. I clipped it because I've got a lemon tree in the backyard now. You interested - do you experiment with cocktail recipes?