Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Countdown to Chowtime

Been cooking all day. All day. Not a bad way to spend a day, but it makes you appreciate handy items like, oh, a food processor. Here's a shot of the herbs we'll use for the turkey tomorrow.

Snow! Just two days ago it was seventy degrees and I was out for a noon run in shorts. Crazy. We even have fresh local salad greens and cauliflower for the Thanksgiving table.

Got to go saute some greens and do the last sinkload of dishes. Then sleep. Brining starts at 6:30 am. I'm thinking I will nap tomorrow. Maybe. Kiddo is already wanting the sweet potato pie. Yeah, I'll be ready to eat, too.

Have a happy and safe holiday!

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VegeYum @ A Life (Time) of Cookin said...

Nice snow pictures. Always makes me smile - snow - when it is 30+ Celcius here.