Monday, November 12, 2007

As for the Farm Bill ...

It is still being debated. The subsidies are still in, but the whole bill may be vetoed even after the dust of the debate settles. As for the whole subsidy argument, I heard a wonderful phrase this morning on a totally unrelated topic:

"The economy of influence that governs how Congress operates."

I never thought about Congress being "governed" by the influencers, but it sure is a fitting statement. I guess that would mean our country technically has four branches now; Congress, Courts, President, Lobbyists. I'd say it's time for the Fifth branch to speak up — the Public.

Ethicurean is the best source I have found for links and updates as this issue continues.


Dr. Susan Rubin said...

That 5th branch of government, the general public, is fast asleep! They have been dumbed down and numbed out thanks to the questionable chemicals the food industry has fed us.
How do we wake that 5th branch up???

The Expatriate Chef said...

Heh. Good theory. Like putting a bit of alcohol into the incubation jars and handing out soma?