Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Things Overheard in the Woods

So, Wednesday was volunteer day for my office. In which nearly 300 of us loaded up and went to participate in a nature preserve restoration project. When you consider that about a third of the company is developers and programmers, and the rest of us also desk jockeys, taking us out for manual labor in the woods is an interesting prospect. We don't see much daylight in a typical work day. Our team got the project farthest out, over an hour's hike, give or take since we got lost a couple times thanks to our Sierra club guides. This is a miracle in and of itself given that they had the map and TWO GPS devices. Still, we ended up lost a couple times, a half mile from a major highway and with at least 14 cell phones on hand. Here are thirteen things overheard in the woods that day.
  1. Dude, you really need some sunscreen.
  2. Is that stuff I am sitting in poison ivy? No, it's the stuff your hand is resting in.
  3. "One day Jed was huntin' up some food, up from the ground came a bubblin' crude ..."
  4. We've got to go over the barbed wire fence? Uh uh, I still want to have kids.
  5. Are we lost? We are, aren't we?
  6. You know, if we left a few behind, the bonus money pool is bigger.
  7. Did we do a head count before we left?
  8. Whoaaaaa!!! (crash). Fence!
  9. Why does the trail just end in the middle of nowhere?
  10. It's a puffball! You can eat that kind of mushroom. Oh yeah? You first.
  11. I got bit by a snake once...
  12. Are we there yet? 'Cause I think we already passed that tree.
  13. For the shortcut back, all we have to do is scale the muddy banks of this ravine! Who's first?!
It was a good day, and a good crew of folks that I work with, the best people ever, whether we are at our desks or out in the middle of nowhere with chainsaws and handsaws. I do have to admit, as my thighs are reminding me, my desk job is not helping me stay in shape.

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