Friday, October 05, 2007

Preschool Menu in France

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I'll stretch hard back to college French and try to translate.

Sauteed Veal with couscous
A cheese course of black rind tomme
orange juice
plums in syrup

Tuna Salad
Tagine of Lamb and Vegetables
Yogurt with Fruit
Almond Tart
Babybel cheese

3-cheese pizza
sauteed green beans
filet of cod
fresh, aromatic cheese
palmier (palm-leaf-shaped pastry)

Carrot Soup
Roasted Pork au Jus
Buttered Noodles
Comte cheese and Fresh Fruit

I am ready to go to preschool in France now. My French is about as good as a two-year-old's and I love cheese, so this should work. Amazing the difference in menus to here. I think my kiddo is in for "Hot Dog Tacos," canned veggies and fruit today. Must get her a passport.

I found this link while reading about the bumpy road Jamie Oliver is having getting his menus to succeed in British schools. It's not that the food is bad, (it's NOT) it's that the kids there have had nothing but bad choices for a long time. Once they have been on that path of a limited palate, it's hard to "change the courses," so to speak.

I applaud Oliver's efforts. It's not going to be easy. The key is that those efforts need to include the parents who need to change the menu at home, and probably younger kids, and the kids themselves. I hope they can make it work. I'd like a great example to hold up to our schools here in the States. If you are not familiar with Jamie Oliver's efforts, link here.


Her Grace said...

I linked to Jamie's story on a health and fitness website I write for. I remember the families saying (just as you said) that it wasn't that they didn't want healthy meals, but it was too much of a change too soon. I'm not sure what the answer is to that, exactly, but I applaud his efforts.

(And DANG, do I wish I ate as well as a French preschooler!)

noodlepie said...

Thanks for linking to the pic and the discussion on the Guardian. I'd be really very interested in seeing a US school menu. I'd love it if my worst fears were obliterated, although reading your comments I doubt that's gonna happen :(

The Expatriate Chef said...

It's not, I will post what my kiddo has, and it's so bad, they don't even tell you what the fruit or veg is. When I asked the cook what the recipes were like, she said, "Oh a rice or pasta, a meat and a soup base." Yuck.

Rachel said...

Interestingly enough, things aren't bad here in Australia, at least in day care centers (if not schools). Jess's daycare center here in Melbourne has an in-house cook who prepares food from scratch every day. The center prides itself on sourcing organic food, and cooks strictly without eggs, dairy and peanuts/nuts so as to be scrupulous about not exposing allergic kids (you can bet this was a huge source of comfort for me!). Every Tuesday when I drop Jess off, I wonder to myself if I can possibly wangle a lunch invite myself. Last week? They ate beef with roasted Mediterranian veg over couscous, followed by fresh fruit and a chocolate cake (which apparently the kids in the kindergarten helped make). Afternoon snack was homemade flat bread with homemade dips (again, the kids in Jess's 2-3 year-old room helped make the dips).

A shame this doesn't carry over to the primary school years, but I'm loving what Jess gets as long as she gets it!

katiez said...

And the menu doesn't mention that the kids sit at table, and eat properly, all 3 courses! It is rather amazing and I hope Jamie succeeds.
But, then, the last hospital I was in (as a visitor) in the U.S. had a McDonalds IN the hospital!

The Expatriate Chef said...

True. There is actually a doc that started a farmers market AT the hospital in response to a McD's on site. Preston Maring, he has a food blog on the topic of local foods, too.

noodlepie said...

@katiez - "And the menu doesn't mention that the kids sit at table, and eat properly, all 3 courses! It is rather amazing"

Come on... Why do you think this is "amazing"? It's not. This is the bare minimum any parent should expect from a state school paid for with taxes. The American private school menu expat chef posted is amazing. Amazingly bad.

Karen_thrifty said...

Oh boy, don't get me started on school lunches. I am disgusted! Every day my daughter comes home talking about sausage with a pancake wrapped around it served with syrup, corn dogs, or pizza. Errrrr!

Anonymous said...

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