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Preschool lunch menu

Preschool lunch menu
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Noodlepie posted her son's lunch menu at a French preschool. I did a post about this earlier this week. I decided to follow her suggestion and post my own kiddo's preschool lunch menu. You can click through to flickr to see it larger. It is awful. So bad that it contains things like Beanie Weenies and Hot Dog Tacos. So bad that the fruit and vegetables are a generic afterthought duplicated across each day.

I have ranted on Beanie Weenies before. I am sure we all have our lunchroom horror stories to share. Which brings me to a little idea. Let's see just how bad it is out there. And how good. We need ideas to help make positive changes.

  1. Please post your child's menu on your blog, then come comment and link to it here.
  2. Link your post to this one.
  3. I will do a recap of this topic in a month with all the innovative stories we gather (if any).
  4. I'd like to hear about it all, good and bad. If it's good, how did you get that change in place? Send me info so we can all pound our schools with it and show them it is possible to serve something better.
  5. Have your friends participate.

Let's see those menus!

As far as issues, good and bad at our school, the menu is the worst. The classrooms also used to offer candy as rewards for good behavior daily. This practice ended when myself and other parents became more vocal about not wanting it. I copied curriculum on introducing new foods as well as documents about the obesity epidemic and flooded the suggestion box with this. I sent links about other schools that had a "farm-to-school" program and the publicity these schools got (a valid point for a private school) from the programs.

The lunch quality has not changed. They did do a new foods introduction program with unusual fruits and veggies for a month. They added fresh fruit and veggies with dip to snack time. Good, but the lunches still need to improve. I don't plan on stopping the pressure.


Her Grace said...

I have to disagree with your statement that a child's nutrition should be more valued at an expensive, private school. A child's nutrition should be valued wherever they go to school, and it's a sad state of affairs that our public schools don't realize that.

My daughter attends a private, parochial school. She doesn't yet eat lunch there, but I still get there menu. It's as atrocious (if not worse) than the one you posted: pizza, hot dogs, tacos, rinse, lather, repeat. She and her sister will be carrying their lunches.

The Expatriate Chef said...

Agreed, I rushed this post at the end of the day and phrased it poorly. I EXPECT a school that does not have a shortage of funds to do better. I wish ALL schools did better. Hence this idea to share menus and information between us parents!

Miranda said...

I don't have a blog to post this on, but I thought you might be interested in what my son gets to eat at his public pre-school, since we live in Germany. The kids bring their own breakfasts, which consist generally of whole grain bread, lunch meat and cheese - all real, no Kraft Singles in this country, thankfully. They each also bring a piece of fruit that is shared for morning snack. Lunch and afternoon snack are provided by the school. Here's this week's menu:

Mon L: mini-spaghetti with bolognese sauce, raw veggie salad
Mon S: chocolate cornflakes with milk, pears
Tue L: scrambled eggs, spinach, potatoes, yogurt
Tue S: spongecake with fruit
Wed L: greenbean stew, 1/2 roll, fruit
Wed S: applecake
Thu L: roasted white fish with dill sauce, potatoes, raw veggie salad
Thu S: rye bread with butter, turkey salami, kohlrabi
Fri L: cauliflower-cheese medallions with carrot sauce, mashed potatoes, chocolate pudding
Fri S: whole grain bread, egg salad and chives, mandarines

The school guarantees that all the food they provide is additive-free. I'm interested to know what kids in the States drink at pre-school - do they give them lots of soda and juice? Here kids drink mainly water and herbal tea. I'm quite happy with the meals they provide and live in fear of the school lunch situation when/if we do return home to the States.

The Expatriate Chef said...

Milk and water at our school. No juice or soda, at least. Thanks, I love seeing the menus that schools in other countries provide!

Korinthe said...

I don't have kids, but spotted this in the local paper:
"BHS initiates fresh produce lunch program"

Overall encouraging, but for the ending:
“'We want to establish it first at the high school. We’ll see student reaction to it – if they like it; if they even notice,' said Whittier."

It seems to me that the younger you catch them, the better results you'll get. I'd hate for the program to be discontinued just because the hardened teenagers continue to choose chips and fries over novel veggies.

Anonymous said...

I just found your site, I'll be visiting often!

I wrote a post on what I saw during my son's preschool lunch - all packed and brought from home.

The list is simple - I laugh now that I was so happy to see the healthy foods on the table. But I was glad to see few prepackaged meals and snacks - mostly fresh, basic foods. But, wow, can't compare to roasted whitefish with dill sauce!

At least for public schools here in the states, one reason we won't see roasted whitefish is because most schools lack conventional kitchens so they are forced to serve pre-packaged, pre-frozen, re-heated stuff everyday. They'll have to settle for whitefish-sticks. My first grader packs lunch everyday.

Plumbing Kitchen said...

I have my daughter’s new menu and the food is getting a lot of better then it was, the food is a lot more nutritional this time. I like to see what other schools offer their kids when it comes to food.