Monday, October 01, 2007

Hey, Thanks!

Thanks to Shawn Lea at Everything and Nothing for hosting this week's Recipe Carnival. To SingForHim at Real Life for hosting this week's Carnival of Family Life. FitBuff for hosting the Total Mind and Body Fitness Carnival.

Thanks to the bipartisan, AMA, lobbyist and public efforts to pass the State Children's Health Insurance Plan despite threats by Bush to veto it since it "was too expensive" to cover uninsured children. How much are we hemorrhaging over the conflict in Iraq? Hmmm.

With health coverage rising in cost by about 14 percent annually, the cost of coverage is rapidly becoming out of reach for more and more children in low income families. This percentage increase outweighs inflation and the cost of living increase for any other good or service. Part of the reason, not all, is the growing health crisis from obesity. The forecast for this current generation of children is grim. If things do not change, 30 percent of boys and 40 percent of girls will be at risk for Type II diabetes by middle age. This will be the first generation whose life expectancy will be shorter than their parents.

Affordable health coverage is important. Just as important is treating the cause of the crisis in order to improve the health and life expectancy for our nation's children. Here's more information on this if you are interested.

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