Monday, October 15, 2007

ConAgra Blames Consumers for Getting Sick

Of course, later in the week, they recanted and recalled Banquet potpies. 165 people in 31 states were sickened with 30 of them being hospitalized for salmonella poisoning. See, I always thought prepared frozen meals meant they were, well, prepared. I was just reheating. Now, I find out otherwise. Gosh, if I don't want to cook, I guess I will have to just eat peanut butter ... no wait, can't do that either.

I quit counting recalls. It's in the double digits for the year I am sure. I'll take my chances on my own skills at the stove instead. No thanks to ConAgra.

However, a couple words of thanks to carnival hosts this week are in order. Manic Mama's got the Carnival of Family Life. Wee Wifey has the Carnival of Recipes. Veggie Chick with the Vegetarian Carnival. And Ethical Junction is hosting the 99th Carnival of the Green.

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