Wednesday, October 31, 2007


It's Halloween night, and much excitement about with trick-or-treaters and visits in costume to neighbors, a school party. The Kiddo did not want to say good night to all the fun, so she tried her new favorite bedtime-avoidance tactic.

"Mommy, I'm hunnnngry."

"Okay, stay here in bed, I will get you some cheese."

"No, I want carrots downstairs."

Carrots? Note that the location of the snack puts her back in the action and out of bed. Smart cookie. But it was the food request caught me off guard a bit. This is not just any carrot. This is the one and same carrot souffle I tried to serve our persistent child no less than 30 times last fall and winter. She refused it nearly every single time, taking a couple bites of it cold just once or twice. The throes of Battle Orange were on.

The same carrot souffle that she ate four helpings of just Monday night. And requested again the next night and tonight. It defies logic, it really does. No wonder we parents are ready to put spinach in brownies. Or at least in the lasagne I made tonight. Chopped, not pureed.

The thing I did not put in the rant, and should have, is that I get it. I get the frustration. I mean, would any sane person buy 200 lbs. (yes, I bought more) of pumpkin, squash and sweet potatoes for a small family?

What I needed to say is that all of you who opted in for the "Deceptively Delicious" approach, or the path of persistence the others of us are on, you all deserve to be commended. Because you care. Because the idea that your child is not eating well matters. Even matters enough to put vegetables in any dish you can, however you can. Because you are not in a drive-thru lane. Because you are trying. It's a different path, not the one I follow for a lot of reasons. But the intent is commendable.

And I am sorry, I should have said that in my post.

Whatever route you choose, the fact that you CARE is what makes the difference for your child. Though, it wouldn't hurt if you ate your vegetables, too.

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