Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What, More Zucchini?

Apparently, summer squash is one of the easiest and most prolific vegetables to grow. No big surprise, every year we get inundated with the stuff between the CSA and the large, handwritten signs at the farmers market announcing THREE FOR A DOLLAR or less depending on the weather and the time of season.

I have to confess, I let a few of them go bad. There were so many, and I just couldn’t think of what to do with them all. After a while, I decided that this was my personal challenge for the summer, this abundance of squash. Here, in the final days, I think I have stumbled upon the perfect way to use up a ton of zucchini and like it. It sounds a bit odd, but trust me, it’s amazingly good. Besides, desperate times call for desperate measures, and in the world of cooking this often means one thing: just add chocolate.

Chocolate-Walnut Zucchini Bread

Still have more zucchini left? Here’s a nice Mediterranean twist on the 70s classic stuffed peppers. Tasty.

Stuffed Peppers with Eggplant and Zucchini
Looking for these recipes? They will be part of an upcoming book with Ali at Cleaner Plate Club.

Still looking to use up the last of that summer squash? Here are the other recipes on this site that can help:

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Adam R. Paul said...

Ooh the stuffed peppers sound like a good idea! Out of ideas for zucchini, I shredded, bagged, and froze the last batch we got from our CSA for later use.

maranaomi said...

wait, where's the recipe for choc. zuc. walnut bread!? you got me all excited!