Monday, September 10, 2007

Tomato Tart and Cantaloupe-Pecan Salad with Honey Viniagrette

Ah, September. Possibly my favorite month because of the weather. It's one of those times of the year where being outside is far more comfortable than being indoors. You get up early, head out, eat outdoors, play outdoors, and, as the sun fades, seriously consider a hammock, pillow and blankie.

September is also the best of summer's bounty fading into autumn's rich, earthy harvest. Fresh corn and tomatoes can be found alongside the first pumpkins and butternuts. A second small harvest of lettuces. And the last of those sweet, delicious melons from late summer. It is the best time to be a locavore.

Recently, I attended the Sustainable Table's Eat Well Guided Tour lunch here in my home town. The menu featured a selection of dishes nearly all made with local ingredients. I loved the salad; made with peppery greens, fresh cantaloupe, pecans and a honey viniagrette. The main course was a Tomato Tart with bacon and goat cheese. I did not get the actual recipes from the chef, but I took a shot at reproducing the menu here at home.

Salad with Cantaloupe, Pecans and Honey Viniagrette
Tomato Tart with Bacon and Goat Cheese
Tart Dough
Looking for these recipes? They will be included in my upcoming book co-authored with Ali of Cleaner Plate Club!


jen said...

you are like a foreign creature in a kitchen somewhere creating.

things i could never think to do.

i love that about you.

The Expatriate Chef said...

I love so much about you as well, Jen. You are truly a lovely soul and heart in this crazy world. If you have not gone to Jen's site, you should. It is

Her Grace said...

I could look at that picture all day. What a beautiful meal.

Rachel said...

huuuuuhhhh goat's cheeeeeese. hhhhuuhhhhh (end homer voice) God, I can't wait for my tomatoes to come in...

katiez said...

Tomato and goat cheese tart sounds delicious... then I saw bacon! That started me drooling right on my keyboard - so unfair (you have it; I don't)

Livin Natural said...

I came across your blog as I searched for a tomato tart recipe like the one I had at the sustainable table event and there popped your site. As a local foodie I bow to you for putting this on your blog.
Thanks much!

The Expatriate Chef said...

Thanks, Heather! Glad you found the site. Did we meet at the event?