Thursday, September 20, 2007

I Want to Go to Farmers Market!

Believe it or not, this exact phrase is what I get woken up with almost daily. Spoken from the words of my pre-schooler who loves going to the market as much as I do. It helps that our favorite market has great farmers, her favorite honey sticks and treats, a splash fountain to play in, a spice store, a live band playing and an outdoor bakery/cafe where we can sit and listen to the music. But it all comes back to the food.

If you have never been to a farmers market, it is a great experience for the whole family. I liked this video of local food's patron saint, Alice Waters, navigating a green market.


Her Grace said...

Our tiny farmer's market has all but four tables left (down from about 8 this summer). It sits under a large pavilion and there is literally nothing there but the farmers, food, and veggies. But yet my kids adore Tuesdays, because they know we get to go. My older daughter is known by one farmer as "her flower girl," because she always admires the fresh bouquets (and chooses one to take home) and my younger daughter often gets free hand outs. I love that they love it there, and I hope that by going each growing season, they'll carry that habit with them as adults.

The Expatriate Chef said...

I love the creating of food traditions! Your kids are blessed with this because of you.

Rachel said...

I love our local market - it's twice a week at the local environmental park. Everything is organic, and increasingly, it's grown on site at the organic park; they have seven acres, and at least half of that is devoted to produce and some very happy chickens and sheep. Great cafe (mostly vegetarian and vegan fare, which is great for Jess and the egg allergy) and a playground next to it; we go there at least twice a week and try and make the Wednesday market because it's less crowded than Sunday.