Thursday, September 20, 2007

Honey Cornbread

Recently, I posted about the joy of shelling beans and how great fresh-shelled ones taste in soups like the Purple Hull Peas and Ham recipe. The recipe specifically recommends serving the dish over cornbread. As it should be. But, I had not yet made the perfect cornbread recipe to post along with the dish. I fixed that.

I like my cornbread a little sweet, dense and moist with actual corn in it, not just corn meal. It's a great use for some of that corn I put up for winter meals. This recipe turned out just right.

Honey Cornbread
Looking for this recipe? It will be part of an upcoming book with Ali at Cleaner Plate Club.


Misty said...

I can't wait to try this out!

Does using different kinds of milk really make a difference in recipes like this? We usually only have skim milk around.


The Expatriate Chef said...

The fat content will affect the texture, might be a little less moist. But it should work.

I updated the recipe index so you can find more tomato dishes there. Also, you can just serve them over pasta with grated cheese as a nice light dinner. Or use them on crostini (toasted bread slices with a topping) or put them on a pizza instead of pizza sauce. All easy ways to use a lot of tomatoes.