Monday, September 24, 2007

Drop and Give Me 20

Well, drop is right at least. I don't think I can do the twenty. Or even ten.

I have the best of intentions with my diet plan. What I am realizing is that now that I am officially OVER 40 and have a sedentary job, short of cutting my food supply in half, diet is not enough. Besides, I like food. I just don’t want to carry the “leftovers” around my waist for the next 40-plus years.

I’ve been doing a lunch run twice a week, for 3.5 miles. Fortunately, we have a shower at the office and a back door I can sneak out of in my workout gear. Coworkers should not see me in spandex.

Two runs makes seven miles a week. It seems like a lot. Given that walking at least two miles a day is the recommended minimum, I’m still three miles short for the work week. Worse, this mileage is pretty small when I consider that less than ten years ago I was training for a marathon, and anything shorter than ten miles in a single run was an “easy one.”

I had a lot more time then. These days, I get winded running downhill after a preschooler on a tricycle. Okay, so I had a chest cold. But still! Face it, I’m in lousy shape with less than an hour a day to do anything about it. Being active all my past life, I never thought I would end up fighting a few extra pounds. The busy mom thing ambushed me.

I’ve posted on how to promote physical activity to your kids. Maybe it was time to look for helpful tips to add more exercise to my life. Gotta love the internet. I found some on Like this gem: “Never drive-thru, get out and park and walk to the fast food stop.” Yeah, that’ll do it to work off the Biggie with Fries.

Or this one: “Circle the room when waiting for the meeting to start.” You know, if you start acting crazy at work, you get fired. Then, you are walking to the fast food stop — to go in to work. So, not so much help there for “easy tips.”

Maybe, like dieting, there just isn’t any easy way. Maybe, just maybe, you have to suck it up and just do it. I guess that means I am going to have to get the “butt firmer” step and DVD out of the box. It’s only been sitting there a month. Who knows, give me 10 years and this could be me.


Rachel said...

Oof, I hear you. I'm still about 10lbs heavier than I was pre-baby. OK, still within the healthy range for my height, but now that Jess is 2, I don't think I can call it baby weight anymore. I always say that I run to keep my a$$ in the same zip code as the rest of me.

The biggest single change in my life (besides Jess) is that when we moved to Melbourne from London, we got a car. Previously, if we wanted anything, it was walk or take public transport (which included a walk *to* the public transport.). Now that we have a car, there are heaps of middle-distance errands that I used to walk for that I now ride in the car to. A lot of "incidental" exercise fell by the wayside.

My solution? I've decided that this weekend, we're buying bikes. The nearest supermarket, my gym, Jess's creche, the library - all those "middle distance" locations - are easy bike rides. Melbourne has decent bike access; there are defined bike lanes. Not as good as continental Europe, better than London, in any event.

In one fell swoop, I get to achieve two goals: more exercise and less emissions by leaving the car at home!

Not that I'm promoting anything, but boy, I hear you.

The Expatriate Chef said...

Ah, Rachel. I've seen photos and I KNOW how far you run. You'll be a goddess on that bike. Are triathlons next for you? You are amazing.

Rachel said...

why thank you. And don't forget - I've seen photos of you, too. You ain't got nothin' to worry about neither.

I'm actually thinking about triathalons. DH is not a runner, but is interested by tris. And there are family tris as well that I'd love to do when Jess gets older...

And by the way, I don't truck with "amazing." I know that I have a lot more time to do self-indulgent things because I work from home. I know that I'm fortunate in that respect! Which is why I'm such a big booster of women's entrepreneurial activites!