Wednesday, August 29, 2007

China Bans Buddhist Monks from Reincarnating

Yeah, right. Now, how does that regulatory process work? How do you know who to arrest?
The whole story is even more infuriating. Oh, China. Obviously, they played with their own toys coated in lead-based paint as children.


jen said...

this one had me in hysterics when i read it last week.

i mean, seriously? spirit control is the last of the final frontiers.

The Expatriate Chef said...

It's more of a political move at its heart, to have the power to determine the next Dali Lama and further oppress Tibet. But still, the idea of it all is beyond comprehension.

Yet no sanctions are forthcoming from the rest of the world. Sad.

Robin said...

thanks for sharing this.

From a historical perspective, religion and politics should very much remain separate. A combination of both normally smells trouble, with either a political religion or a religious political environment (Muslim countries included).