Monday, July 30, 2007

Wow. Where was I?

I took a couple days off posting to read a book, and my mind stayed on hiatus. I needed it. It seems as if my household has gotten struck by the Terrible Twos. While the first year of sleep deprivation is pure survival mode, the Terrible Twos are a different kind of mental torture that I had yet to experience. Wow.

For those of you unfamiliar with said Terrible Twos, it works like this; have LONG day at office and go to get child. Experience full-on tantrum trying to leave classroom. Check board and explain to child there is no reward today for good behavior (no good behavior) and be treated to another tantrum. Carry screaming child to the car. Experience another tantrum trying to get into the car and car seat. Drive home with every nerve jangled from the sheer volume of noise inside vehicle. Prepare dinner and be treated to another tantrum trying to get child to stay seated to eat. Another tantrum to get upstairs to take bath. Give up, put screaming child into tub standing and wash child down like that. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Take screaming child to bed and struggle for another two hours trying to get child to calm down and sleep. Fall asleep yourself without even brushing teeth or getting undressed.

Repeat same experience daily through the entire weekend to the point where you are sure if you even breathe wrong, it will result in another tantrum. It's stunning. Most of all you wonder where your sweet, loving child went, and if you will ever see her again.

There was this awful incident in Arizona where a mother and grandfather were trying to exorcise a three-year-old. The grandfather was tazered while he was trying to strangle the child to rid her of the demon. He later died. There is nothing funny about this. In all seriousness, you wonder if the "demon" was just an extended bout of Terrible Twos wrought onto a couple of very misguided and dangerous adults. I hope the poor kid recovers and is placed in a loving home. There are some people who just should not raise kids.

I'm a bit rested and preparing to deal with this phase. In my new life as a mom, I am wise enough to know that it's harder on my child than on me. Remarkable as that seems. But, oh man, good thing I am sane, and that I love her so much, and that once in a while, between tantrums, I get big hugs and a glimpse of my sweet child.

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Rachel said...

holy crap, you're describing my last fortnight, Beth! I find myself sometimes looking back to the first year sleep deprivation with a touch of longing - no temper tantrums there!

I find temper tantrums ebb and flow; said fortnight of temper tantrums will be bookended by times of absolute sweetness. It's a saving grace