Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Strange Baby Gear abounds. Honestly, marketers must think the second you have a child, you lose all common sense and will buy anything, anything as long as its labeled for your kid's benefit. Believe me, I've been the lost pregnant woman wandering around Babies 'R Us wondering if I need this crap. Here's some favorites:
  1. The Nursury Sanitizer. Because that binky isn't going to hit the floor every five seconds, anyway. Go ahead, spend $59.95 and drive yourself crazy trying to keep everything "clean." That sucker's going in the closet after about a week of reality.
  2. The $36 designer potty stool. The first user review says it all; "Won't work for boys. By Mother of Twins."
  3. $24.95 on a tub "bumper." What, are you going to leave them alone in there? You're not four inches away? I know. I know. I considered the full body foam protective suit with matching crash helmet, but the useless baby gadget inventors haven't gotten around to that one yet.
  4. Shampoo rinse cup. Only $8.95 for a plastic pitcher. Wow. Bargain.
  5. A cross-shoulder strap that lets you strap on that really heavy car seat/carrier AND your child both. Your hands will be free, and your chiropractor will be rich.
  6. Okay, I bought one of these "Baby Safe Feeders." It's this mesh net attached to a handle like a huge binky. You give it to the kid so she can gnaw away at the food, but never actually get to eat it. Sounds like an eating disorder in the making. I never got it out of the packaging.
  7. Oh, my favorite! The stay-put bowl and cutlery set. You suction cup these to the table so your kiddo doesn't swipe them off the table. Nice in theory. What actually happens is your child pulls and pulls and pulls at this thing until the suction cup gives way, and WHOOSH! Spaghetti-O's all over the wall. I still have them on there a year later. Stellar product, yours for $12.95. Interior paint and labor extra.
  8. On the other end of the scale, an actual baby gift we received: The Tiffany china bowl, plate and cup set. China. Tiffany. Yeah.
  9. The jar holder. $7.95 for a suction cup to hold the baby food jar to the table. Hmm. The reviewer says she uses it to keep her baby from swiping the jar off the table. Okay, their arms aren't that long. Maybe if you just moved it a bit farther away? Nope, farther, almost, there!
  10. Baby Spritz Baby Wipe Alternative. Let's see, you spray it on, then you have to wipe it off with something as opposed to having the wipe wet and wiping off something. I'm still wiping, right? Only $11.95 per 8 oz. to make a one-step process into a two-step process. Sign me up. So, grateful for potty training.
  11. The electric Wipe Warmer. Okay, so maybe my kiddo will have to work out the whole cold wipe thing in therapy later. But $24.95? Still, I almost see the point having gone to the gyno once and heard on arrival, "Oh, sorry! The instrument warmer is down." Yeah, I kinda get it.
  12. The Wee Block. Not that putting a diaper over the boy parts isn't a good idea for your own well-being. But, it's $12.95 for a friggin' sponge. That gets peed on.
  13. I can't do this one justice with my own description. The Baby Care Timer. "For sleep-deprived new parents, it's hard remembering when you did what — but not with our clever time manager! Forget about journaling; with the press of a button, the itzbeen displays the time since baby's last feeding, diaper change, nap, and more. You can even set audible reminders for yourself!"

    It's got more buttons and displays on it than the cell phone I've had for a year and still can't work. And I'm supposed to figure this out sleep deprived? I couldn't even figure out the fridge door then. $24.95. Batteries, of course, sold separately.
Maybe some of these items have worked for you. Cool, post a comment. I've only raised one infant to the Terrible Two point so far. I can still learn a whole lot. As for me, I'm thinking maybe the extra cash might be better in the long run for that practical little item known as The College Fund.


katiez said...

I've often thought that if you make things expensive enough, someone will buy them.

Sadly to say, sometimes it's me... then the "What were you thinking?" phase sets in...

jennifer said...

The Baby Care Timer - really great, one more thing to highlight how you are not getting everything on your list accomplished. Better off forgetting to write in your journal, and get some sleep instead.

Jennifer in OR,

FatcatPaulanne said...

My husband and I used to write notes to each other constantly. Once I wrote a note that said
"feed laundry" How's that for sleep deprived? Lol.

Dana said...

Nice list.

With our last one (3 months), we looked through Baby's R Us and found little of what we were actually looking for and so much for the new mom who thinks she needs everything.

Like all the paraphernalia for nursing? You can make it more expensive than bottle feeding these days. How does the work?