Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

I "babysat" a bird for an ex-boyfriend who moved to the Marianas Islands. The bird was supposed to learn to talk. I spent countless hours talking to it only to get in return, an evil, beady, little sideways glance. The only noise it ever learned to make was immitating the smoke alarm, which I set off constantly while experimenting with recipes. This noise, the bird would shriek at top volume the second it saw me ambling toward the coffee pot in the morning.

I called my friend, an expensive overseas call, to tell him that he would need to send someone over to get the bird, or I would send it to him by mail in a box. With no holes.

My kiddo is just the opposite of the bird, other than the occasional piercing shriek. She can pick up a word whispered once only, under my breath, from 100 feet away. Especially if it is one I do not want her to know. The words don't always come out as intended, and this is often the best part. Here are 13 of my favorite phrases from my child:
  1. NoNoNoNoNo ... (sometimes this one is not such a favorite).
  2. Choco-la-date!
  3. Kiss my bodunum! (oddly, she'd never heard the phrase before).
  4. Ups'down (I love this contraction. It's perfect and should be added to the English language)
  5. Daddy pooted! Stinky, stinky! Mommy pooted! Stinky, stinky! (she did it, she's blaming us)
  6. Dalmons (almonds)
  7. Mofo (an attempt at the cat's name. We didn't correct her because sometimes this name is more accurate)
  8. More funny! (to me when she wants me to make her laugh more)
  9. Brocchy (broccoli, used in context of "More brocchy!" this is a great one to hear)
  10. Wha-Wha happened? (used synonymously with why)
  11. 'pices! (when demanding a round of spice sniffing)
  12. Binket (not to be confused with binky, this is a blanket)
  13. "Oh shit!" (uttered once, crystal clear, just after I said it. If we're lucky, we won't hear it again until she's riding the school bus).

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jen said...

NoNoNo Stinky Mofo, Oh Shit.
now that's called putting it all together.