Monday, July 30, 2007

Red Cabbage Slaw

The weather has been a bit off this year. First, there was the frost in April that killed all the fruit for summer and fall and anything in the ground for early spring. Then, summer just kind of stalled for a long season of lettuce and asparagus. No complaints there. But the delayed heat of summer that is just now producing tomatoes and corn and melon, also allowed for a late entry in our CSA bag: one more head of red cabbage. I thought I was done creating cabbage recipes until fall. Knife in hand, I took one more whack at cabbage for the summer.

Red Cabbage Slaw with Dried Fruit and Savory Praline
Looking for this recipe? It will be included in an upcoming book!

It gets better the next day, I think. I had a huge plate of this for dinner. Red cabbage is a great source of anti-oxidants and fiber. Hmm. Fiber. Uh oh. I do have to sit in a small room with research participants tomorrow. For an hour at a time. Cabbage.

Oh well, they get paid a hundred bucks and hour. Call it hazard pay. The salad was darn good.


katiez said...

Just bring them some of the slaw -LOL
Your summer sounds much like ours - although we didn't have the frost... just never-ending cool rainy days for June and July

rocklizard said...

This is a delicious dish. I was looking for some inspiration on how to use my red cabbage (also from a CSA) and stumbled upon this blog entry and decided this would be a perfect dish for the potluck I was attending. It was a hit - the dish was polished clean! Thanks for the great recipe.