Friday, July 20, 2007

Organic Farming: Sustainable and Efficient

There's a great study on Live Science that shows how organic farming produce just as high, and in some cases higher, yields than industrial agriculture. The study debunks the myth that industrial agriculture is more efficient in short term and especially long term production. Over time, the quality of the soil that is preserved by sustainable, organic methods actually increases the yield in comparison to industrial practices.

The only benefit to industrial practices is the savings in labor and the convenience, which both have tremendous costs in damage to the environment. It's an enlightening study, and a quick, informative read.


Her Grace said...

I write for a health and fitness blog and I recently posted on this very same topic. It was interesting to me, because we always here how world-wide organic farming would never produce enough food for everyone, which this study quickly and cleanly disproved. Thanks for sharing it.

The Expatriate Chef said...

Most welcome. Glad you stopped by!

Carlos said...

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