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Carnival of Family Life

Welcome to the July 9, 2007 edition of carnival of family life. One thing that is always interesting about this carnival is the range of topics that all fall under time at home and family. I'll do my best at organizing. Which, if you have seen some of my closets ... pretty shaky!

Laughter and Stories From the heart:
  1. kailani presents A Proud Mommy Moment posted at Local Girl.
  2. Expat's "13" on ways I will embarrass my child someday.
  3. Leslie Williams presents Oh Yeah...Go Mommy! posted at Do You Weary in Well Doing?, saying, "a good family day!"
  4. Karen Patrick presents MY BROTHER IS AWESOME posted at PediaScribe Blog.
  5. Summer presents Fourth of July posted at Wired For Noise.
  6. Tupelo Kenyon presents Gratitude for Home and Family posted at Tupelo Kenyon, saying, "Home and family is literally the center of our universe, but how often do we take it for granted? Celebrate life through gratitude for our sense of home and the people we share it with."
  7. Grace presents about last night posted at Sandier Pastures, saying, "bringing the cuddle back!"
  8. Jenny presents I hate being left out! posted at the so called me.
  9. Kate Baggott presents My Husband & His Mother-in-Law posted at Babylune, saying, "My husband and his mother-in-law have not had an easy relationship. It's not as hard on them as it is on me."
  10. Charlie Close presents Kathy's Birthday posted at Summer Grasses, stories from the seasons of life by Charlie Close, saying, "Kathy turned forty early this month, and she passed through it mostly unscathed. And, having reached this mature age, she has concluded that if you want the party done the way you like it, you should do it yourself..."
  11. j2r presents Cherish Life. | Blog posted at Journey2Retirement.
  12. muse presents The rant of the sandwich! posted at me-ander.
  13. Leisa presents Goldilocks and the sneaky sleep posted at
  14. Jenny presents Back From D.C. posted at As A Star.
  15. Jenny presents Poisoned Baby posted at the so called me.
  16. Anna - On The Ponderosa presents TEENAGERS? The New Gateway Drug For Parents posted at On The Ponderosa.
  17. Jennifer in OR presents In Which We Are Not Like The French posted at Diary of
  18. Stay at home mom presents A Dancing Queen Looks Back posted at Play at Home Mom, saying, "A dancing queen looks back at how her life has changed."
  19. Stephanie presents But I'm Not Tired posted at Adventures in the 100 Acre Wood.
  20. Karen Bastille presents At The Park posted at Summer With Grandmother Wren.
  21. Micellaneous Mum presents Keira strikes again posted at Miscellanous Adventures of an Aussie Mum, saying, "Just a quick little preschooler anecdote :)"
  22. pickel presents My Day, in a Nutshell posted at My Two Boys, saying, "Adopt Two Boys...because one just isn't enough? I must be insane."
  23. Karen Lynch presents July 3rd-the Love Story posted at LivethePower.
  24. Grace presents boredom gone, weekend's here posted at Sandier Pastures, saying, "Answering a very difficult query from daughter who misses winter!"
  25. Marjorie presents The Space Between posted at Life Without School.
  26. Kerri Aldrich presents A year at Play Library… posted at Play Library, saying, "Thanks!"
  27. Kathryn Lang presents A Shattered Memory posted at The Peculiar Club and How to Become a Good Wife posted at The Peculiar Club.
  28. Christine from Are We There Yet presents Sisterly Love posted at
  29. Madeleine Begun Kane presents A Modest Dating Proposal For Anxious Guys posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog.

From the head, advice and tips:

  1. Jerry Stearns presents Relationships-How To Find Resources In The Community for Your Aging Parent posted at Your Life After 50, saying, "A lot of us baby-boomers have aging parents and we have to take care of them and it is particularly hard on the primary caregiver. This is particularly stressful for adults who have the dual responsibility of caring for their own children as well as their aging parents. One of the best ways to cope with aging parent care though, is to find resources and help within your local community."
  2. Emma Honey presents The Pro Househunter posted at, saying, "My real estate hunt is made a lot more enjoyable by my small assistant's input and insight!"
  3. Robert Bach presents Gabriel's Bedtime Plan posted at Kintropy In Action, saying, "A Dad's view of putting the kids to bed... eventually."
  4. GP presents Breakfast 'Round The Campfire posted at Fish Creek House - INNside Innkeeping, saying, "Heading out for summer camping, travel tips and breakfast recipes. Enjoy the journey."
  5. Cory Aldrich presents 3 Reasons Early Marriages End posted at, saying, "Thanks!"
  6. Samir presents How to achieve more by BEING rather than DOING posted at Develop & Grow.
  7. Johan Idstam presents A little bit of Kaizen in life posted at Relay blogger.
  8. Christian Bachmann presents Listen to your partner - for heart's sake posted at Med Journal Watch, saying, "Your partner may know you better than you know yourself. I have found an unexpected proof of this wisdom - in a medical study!"
  9. Eric Ellen presents Teach Your Kids to Negotiate with You Instead of Arguing posted at Husbandhood.
  10. Hueina Su presents The Little Engine That Should posted at Intensive Care for the Nurturer's Soul, saying, "Many moms I've worked with remind me of the beloved children's book "The Little Engine That Could", only they are singing a slightly different tune. It goes like this, "I think I should, I think I should...."
  11. Lisa Mitchell presents Two Perspectives on Infertility posted at Let's Talk Babies.

Crafts, Projects, and Around the House
  1. Mommy Babble presents Try It This Weekend- Puppet Fun posted at Mommy Babble.
  2. Activist mommy presents Fun, without all the fancy packaging posted at Activist Mommy.
  3. Annette Berlin presents Free Curtain Patterns posted at Crafter's Journey, saying, "Summer is a great time to reorganize and beautify your home. New curtains give you the most bang for your decorating buck. Here are some easy ways to make them yourself."

Finance, Work, and Practical Concerns

  1. Jordan presents Teaching Toddlers Financial Responsibility posted at MamaBlogga, saying, "No, we're not learning compounded interest, but it's not impossible to start learning about money at this age."
  2. Paula presents Are You Bankrupting Yourself and Your Children? posted at Queercents, saying, "There is nothing like the joy of parents being able to treat their kids to stuff they really want. With all this emotion flowing around it is easy to see how quickly and innocently parents can risk their financial future and bankrupt their children in the process."
  3. Mommy Babble presents Shopping for a new baby posted at Mommy Babble.
  4. Super Saver presents My Daughter's Currency posted at My Wealth Builder.
  5. Penelope Trunk presents Blending my kids and my career (ugh) posted at Brazen Careerist by Penelope Trunk.
  6. Megan Bayliss presents What is Happening at Imaginif posted at Imaginif..., saying, "New writers, monthly competitions and disappearing blogs - blogging life is turned upside down in Megan's down under world. While the Northern hemisphere is warm, the southern hemisphere is experiencing winter. Megan is calling for Christmas in July recipes in return for a chance to win a Christmas Stocking full of Protective Play resources."
  7. Emma Honey presents The Pro Househunter posted at, saying, "My real estate hunt is made a lot more enjoyable by my small assistant's input and insight!"
  8. Tushar Mathur presents How much should your Monthly Mortgage Payment be ? posted at Life of a Resident Alien....

Food, Glorious Food
  1. Kevin Heath presents Fourth of July Dessert Surprise: Red White and Blue Trifle posted at More4kids, saying, "We enjoyed these trifles over the 4th. While the 4th of July is over, these red, white and blue trifles are delicous to make anytime."

Pets, the other family members
  1. Matt M presents More Pet Quotes posted at The Pet Haven, saying, "More thoughts on why we love pets in our lives."
  2. DeputyHeadmistress presents Pet Pleasures, Simple Joys, Small Graces posted at The Common Room.
  3. Silicon Valley Blogger presents The Cost Of Living With Pampered Pets In Luxury And Some Really Weird Pet Products posted at The Digerati Life, saying, "A post about pets and things to spoil them with, from a financial blogger."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of family life using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on ourblog carnival index page.


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tut-tut said...

This is great! I don't know where to begin . . .

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