Monday, June 25, 2007

Seven Strange Things About Me

I got tagged by Leisa at Down with the kids. I like how she describes the inspiration for her site:
I wanted to set up a space to celebrate this stuff, not just the problems, like sleep and teething, but the really fun time!
So true. I laugh every day with the Kiddo, even the tough days. Parenting is a joy and worth celebration. Thanks, Leisa and congrats on your third child due soon!

So, on with the weirdness...
  1. I got my first full-time job at 15, at a rest home. The residents included a few schizophrenics, a few mental patients, and mostly those who were just a little odd and a lot old. I find that one toddler is more of a challenge than all of those residents were. They were sedated and they moved a lot slower. They did bite, too, but they had fewer teeth.
  2. I broke my child's Sit-'N-Spin by playing on it. I also enjoy slides and moonwalks.
  3. I had to quit culinary school because I got knocked up (I was married and 37). It was so hot being pregnant and working over the commercial stoves, I kept having to go into the walk-in fridge and take off my chef coat. Someday, I hope to finish.
  4. I used to work as an art director for catalogs. Occasionally, beautiful male models would show me their portfolio, and ask me things like, "Which nude photo of me do you like the best?" I am not sure why I left that job.
  5. I've had few "normal" jobs. I have also worked as a field laborer, photojournalist and a Shark Wrangler (capturing and handling sharks for research).
  6. Under the heading "too strange to be fiction," I have hair on my toes. I forget to shave them often. While on an ecotourism trip in Fiji, Jean-Michel Cousteau (son of Jacques) bit the hair on my toes. I have photos.
  7. I have nearly 30 hours of flying time toward a pilot's license. The first time I flew, it rained, then there was a puff of smoke and a burning smell as the alternator went out, and small animals on the runway. On my first solo, a deer ran in front of the plane as I landed. Shortly after that, I got cut off mid-sky while trying to land, then the radio went out. I really liked flying, but I couldn't afford it, and I got the feeling maybe I was just not supposed to be up there.
Well, that's seven. There's probably hundreds more. Enough that I have given serious consideration to the following epitaph on my headstone:
"What a long strange trip it's been." — Grateful Dead.
Followed in small type by: "Okay, what's next?"
Now, time for tags.

Frugal Mom, you're it. I know you have some interesting things to say!

Katie from Ice Cream is not for Breakfast, let's hear your seven!

Ah, and Ken, you introvert. This tag is payback for the Scrabble Bingo incident. Let's hear 'em!


jen said...

shark wrangler. that one always gives me pause. you are a colorful, interesting chick, sister.

The Expatriate Chef said...

Ah, you too. I want to hear your seven, girlfriend!

leisa said...

Love them all! I can relate to toes being bitten, Little Bro bites mine if I ever paint my toenails (a rare occurance these days), I think he suspects they are lollies.

The Expatriate Chef said...

Hey, Leisa! Sounds like a budding foot fetish! Funny stuff. Thank you again.

frugalmom said...

I am wondering why one would think that I have seven strange things about myself....hmm...maybe I am sending out mixed messages! I am prolly gonna have to narrow then down to seven...