Monday, June 18, 2007

Hostess with the Mostest (Vegetables)

For better or worse, I think we overwhelmed our company this weekend with veggie dishes. Here is the menu, make your own call:
  1. Herb-crusted pork tenderloin
  2. Steamed broccoli with roasted tomatoes, pine nuts and parmesan
  3. Honey-spice roasted cauliflower
  4. Roasted green beans
  5. Roasted asparagus
  6. Arugula salad with cranberries, aged gouda and savory pecan praline (Sara Moulton)
  7. Chard tart with Grana Padano and Goat Cheese
  8. Country french bread (no, don't make my own)
  9. Fresh mixed berries with mint
For those of you counting at home, we forced SIX veggie dishes on the unsuspecting guests. Partly, we just do all of our cooking for the week over the weekend. Partly, we just have a lot of veggies with this whole eat local thing this time of year.

The next day, we had company again. Even the main dish had veggies. We keep getting bok choy and napa cabbage in our CSA bag, and I get tired of the couple recipes I have for these items, so I created something for a main dish that would use the cabbages in a new way.

Ginger-Pork with Bok Choy and Napa Cabbage

Asian "Slaw"
Looking for these recipes? They will be part of an upcoming book with Ali at Cleaner Plate Club.

Speaking of the hosts and hostesses with the mostest. I have a few hosts to thank for the carnivals this week:

Once again, I am lucky enough to be among the top 20 submissions for's Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog Carnival.

Veggie Chic is hosting her first canival on site with all-veggie recipes.

The So-Called Me hosts this week's humor and tips and parent saga known as the Carnival of Family Life.

Ramblings of Silver Blue hosts this week's Carnival of the Recipes: Wild Card Edition where anything goes in the kitchen.


fatguyonalittlebike said...

Kick ass! One thing I have a lot of is bok choy/napa cabbage and pork. And I love those types of cabbage. Thanks for the recipes. You give me tons of great new things to try.

If you are so interested, Liz at Pocket Farm runs an eat local challenge over the summer. It will be old hat for you, but might be something fun to participant in. And so many others would benefit from your involvement.

tut-tut said...

Thanks for the napa suggestion. We get the same in our CSA box, and it is hard to come up with something interesting week after week.

The Expatriate Chef said...

Thanks! Both of you. I'll keep trying to come up with new ideas, let me know what you create!

Wow, FGLB, that's a nice thing to say. I am doing the national Eat Local Challenge this year, and a local version, but I can share posts across the sites if they need posts. Thank you! I envy your berry canning! The photos look wonderful!

Oh, The Joys said...

I had that slaw at a potluck recently and it is OUTRAGEOUSLY good.

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