Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Mom Tricks

Now and then, we moms have to be creative. Someday, if our kids are lucky, we'll share these secrets when they have kids of their own. Maybe.
  1. "All the cookies are gone!" (They are hidden because I want them). "I have some whole wheat crackers!"
  2. My signature secret move: Eye the vegetables on your child's plate. Beg for a bite. See how much fun it is for your toddler to deny you. Try to "sneak" the vegetable off your child's plate. Use the "MINE!" instinct to your advantage. Watch child eat vegetables simply because you want them.
  3. "Would you like Mommy to put you in the seat, or do you want to climb up yourself?" Note that no third option of running off to play is mentioned.
  4. It's looking like a no-go on taking a bath from the small fry. "Help Mommy pick out what toy you want to play with in the bathtub! How about measuring cups and spoons?!"
  5. "Which side of the bed did you get up on? Oh, we're going to have to back upstairs and go get up on the other side now. Ready?"
  6. "See, Elmo uses a toothbrush. And he doesn't even have teeth."
  7. "Tickle the Pickle!" shout this, then tickle said grouchy child until you have made her forget what the big deal was.
  8. Serve green fruits like kiwi, honeydew or sliced green grapes, not just green vegetables. Keep them guessing on that whole green food thing. Works for orange, too.
  9. Find a place where running, climbing and discovery is pretty safe. It's nice to be saying "No. No. No no no no no NO!" every fifteen minutes instead of every five. Play too. You need it.
  10. Visit place from #9 often and early in the day, especially if you are having company later.
  11. Didn't eat well? Have dessert for the big people after bed time. They won't miss what they don't know you had.
  12. Shop for the cereal without the kids along. Buy the healthy stuff. Place all prepared food items (cereal, crackers, etc.) into clear storage bins. Food looks like food, not fun characters.
  13. Encourage that Mommy's Helper "Housework is FUN!" stage for as looooong as you can.
Okay, so what's your best trick? We have to stick together, you know ...


Vic Grace said...

Great list. I did some of those. I also gave meals special names like 'Mickey Mouse Liver and Onions" or "Cowboy Pie" for Shepherd Pie but we still went through a long episode with the eldest son of only wanting peanut butter sandwiches.

frugalmom said...

You wanna help mommy cook? Okay. But lets get in your cupboard over there so that you don't drop that great big cast iron skillet on your toe.

Then steer him over to his cupboard that has all the plastic stuff in it!

jen said...

don't tell anyone, but i have a good little clean up song that works magic.

Charlotte Hume said...

I love your list. And Im afraid I recognise many of the techniques!

Can you tell me if there is a way I can contact you by email?

Great Big Veg Challenge
my email is in my profile - thanks!

The Expatriate Chef said...

Oh, I want to hear that clean up song! Is it the one that goes ... (insert awful tone-deaf voice of mine):

Clean up, clean up, everybody do your part ...?

Martha said...

I love the stealing the veggies idea!! That's awesome.