Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Water, Water, Everywhere

We were at a local petting zoo just a couple short weekends ago. Standing outside the goat pen was a girl probably not even two years old. She was holding a plastic fountain drink cup easily half her height, and taking huge gulps from the straw.

“Oh, you and soda!” exclaimed her parent. “She just loves it so much, I can’t get her to drink anything else.”

Hmmm. Given that the child is about two, it’s not likely she hopped in the car, drove to Quik Trip and filled up her Big Gulp all on her own. She can’t really reach the gas pedal yet. Or the soda fountain. So, how’d she get the soda? And, who’s really in charge here?

It’s times like these that I wonder if things will ever change. If the only people who respond to comments like these are the ones who probably have healthier kids than mine.

To make matters worse, I just got some marketing propaganda about a new water filter that you can install in your home where you can add flavor to your water at a touch of a button. Since the site does not reveal the ingredients (even in the link that says ingredients) or make any reference to all-natural, I can only guess you are pumping some chemicals back into the water you just filtered in order to remove the chemicals. Makes all kinds of sense to me!

“Make your summer picnics even more fun for the kids by having plenty of [product name removed, why should I promote them?] filtered water on hand. It's just one of the ways the delicious strawberry, peach and raspberry flavors can help get your kids to drink more water.”

Wow. I’m all for using filtered water instead of buying filtered water in disposable, landfill-filling bottles. Water is a life-giving substance second only to air in our basic human requirements. Have we, as a culture, departed so drastically from such simple nutritional elements that we have to add artificial flavor to something as basic as water so our kids will drink it?

Don’t answer. I’d want a shred of my illusions left.


APRIL said...

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The Expatriate Chef said...

Thanks for the offer! I would say I don't qualify since I have been home for far longer now than I ever was living away. My husband would argue that the just under a year I was out of country hardly counts me as an Expat at all! I would guess that makes this more of a "Wanderer's Kitchen," or a "Well-Traveled Kitchen." Only, now it is so much a local kitchen that the irony is great!

Amazing how much a year can change your perspective and what you can learn. My best regards to all the "real" Expats away from home.

Thanks again!

frugalmom said...

Stop the madness! Whatever. Water is water. It is as it should be. Is it my fave drink? Nope, not by a long shot. I love me a Nacho Cheese Dorito and I don't make my water taste like that!

Sometimes you just have to let your kids know that this is their choice because it is better for them.

The Expatriate Chef said...

Exactly, Frugal Mom! Water is my favorite, though, along with milk, black coffee and tea. I don't like soda, so that makes life pretty easy!