Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Toddler Entertainment

We were killing some time before a meeting today, a few of us moms, and one of us was remarking on how busy her 10-month old is, how hard it is when they can't entertain themselves. Actually, what she meant (and we knew she meant), is that you can't LET them entertain themselves. Trust me, they find plenty of things to do on their own. Fun things.

However, the toddler concept of fun is far different than ours. When it gets quiet suddenly, I know my kiddo is up to one of her favorite hobbies:
  1. Drawing. Mainly on her face and body. When this gets boring, it's always fun to eat the marker and go show Mommy to get a good reaction. This also works with chalk and crayons.
  2. Pushing a chair across the kitchen to climb on in order to reach everything. Everything.
  3. Taking her wet toothbrush and making circles on the bathroom mirror.
  4. Eating dirt from the herb garden pots. Sometimes she eats the lettuce. Sometimes.
  5. Taking the guests' wine glasses off the table after dinner to try and get the last few drops of wine. Nothing like a nightcap.
  6. Brushing the cat with Mommy's toothbrush.
  7. Removing a tampon from my purse in the grocery store and waving it asking "What's that?" in front of the hot case cook.
  8. Putting her finger in her nose, only when I am watching, because it gets a reaction. Reactions are funny.
  9. Idly licking any nearby filthy item even if we are at Target. See above. Reactions are funny.
  10. Putting on Mommy's bra and running through the house, even when my husband's friends are showing up for morning coffee.
  11. Removing everything from every drawer anywhere and everywhere.
  12. A strange fascination with dental floss. Yards and yards of dental floss.
  13. Pulling her shorts and pull-ups down repeatedly in the middle of the neighbor's yard. In daylight. In front of their living room window.


Every 7th Day said...

Ah yes. Mine is also fond of pulling her diaper off in stores, riding the labrador, and making a "night night" place blocking the front door. Actually, I don't mind that last one when I've remembered to sweep or vacuum.
And tampons? Until recently - opened them looking for a lollipop.

HenrysMom said...

Expat, I hate to tell you this. But my 5 year old STILL has a thing for dental floss. Yards and yards of it. It makes a really good cat teaser. You can also tie your little cars and trains up and lower them over the railing into the family room. And then hoist them back up and leave the whole of it in a heap. Not to be used again, no no. Just yank some more off of mom's industrial size pack. He does, however, leave his underwear on in public these days.

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

It's been a long time since our son was into any of that, but brought back memories.

Rachel said...

Are our daughters separated-at-birth twins?! I swear to god, J and A do the same damn things! The pushing the chair to explore cabinets thing was such a great trick... I came downstairs to find her exploring a packet of asprin. Yummy!

The Expatriate Chef said...

I think they are Rachel! I think they are. Heaven help us all if we get over to that side of the pond.

Thanks, all! Great stories, thank you for making me laugh!