Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Links

It's a holiday weekend ahead. No doubt you are killing time at your desk waiting for the long weekend. Why not do your patriotic bit while you are waiting, and take just a few moments to speak up for our food safety and quality?

Well, the battle on cloned animal products being sold as food is still pending with the FDA’s announcement in April that they will likely approve this practice. The FDA received over 145,000 consumer requests not to allow cloned animal products for human consumption.

In an effort to at least help consumers be aware of whether or not they are purchasing a cloned animal product (meat, milk, dairy), US Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) has introduced Senate Bill S.414, the Cloned Food Labeling Act, and U.S. House Representative Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) introduced an identical bill, H.R. 992, in the House just a few weeks later.

Here is a link to ask your representatives to approve the labeling requirement so you will know where your meat and dairy is coming from if the FDA approves cloned meat for human consumption.

Monsanto, the company that makes rBGH under the trade name Posilac, has asked the Food and Drug Administration to restrict the use of labels identifying “rBGH-free” or “rBST-free” dairy products. Monsanto claims such labels are "misleading" to consumers, and infer that dairy products without such a label are inferior.

Use this link to tell the FDA you want your dairy products labeled clearly with regard to growth hormones.

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