Saturday, May 26, 2007

Carnival of Recipes: Farmers Market Edition

Spring and Summer Bounty from the Farmers Market
I am pleased to host this week’s carnival of recipes. The theme this week was to share a recipe for seasonal produce bought at your local farmers market. Many thanks to all who shared recipes! Let's see what's cooking in these fine kitchens:

Spring Greens
I just bought a ton of greens and lettuces this morning. Had I read the carnival recipes, I would have known to just walk out in my front yard!

Rebecca from The Herbwife’s Kitchen is cooking up some Italian Style Greens for spring — dandelions. She gets hers from a very local source, her own front lawn! While, I’d probably avoid the chemical-laden lawns of suburbia, this recipe makes me want to get out the “lawn shears” for sure.

Summer Fruit
First, I gotta say I am very jealous of these folks. We had a nasty freeze that really ruined our fruit crops this season. I will have to enjoy my favorites vicariously through their recipes!

Riannan from In the Headlights posted a fantastic-sounding Rhubarb-Strawberry Crisp with Cinnamon Walnut Topping. Rhubarb is one of those things I never knew I liked so much until I tried it.

Shawn Lea from Everything and Nothing is serving Strawberry Crepes over at her place. They must have had a good berry season in Louisiana.

Adam at Men in Aprons shared a great photo of his family picking blackberries, and his recipe for the Blackberry Cobbler they made shortly afterwards. Adam, you are so correct, there really is no food quite so perfect as berries ripe and fresh off the vine.

Still drooling over homemade cobbler? Keep it going with Dexie from Forks and her recipe for Peach Cobbler using peaches fresh from her local farmer’s market. You have to love summer!

Summer from Mom is Teaching is making her own yogurt to serve with fresh blueberries.

Summer Veggies
Zucchini will be taking over the farmers markets soon, along with all of the other summer squashes. Be prepared for this summer classic with Wee Wifey’s Zucchini Mix, posted over at Leader Ladies and Pipsqueak’s No-Tomato Spaghetti, posted at The Common Room.

Another farmers market delicacy is the home grown tomato. One taste, and you will never buy tomatoes during winter again! Karen from Thrifty Mommy is dishing up Tomato Casserole in her kitchen.

I am going to file this next one under “fall” and look it up when apples come into season, Apple Oatmeal Pancakes sound great! Recipe even includes how to make your own sugarless applesauce. Be sure to look up Bill at Pancake Recipes as soon as you get those fresh apples.
From Local to Global
Here are a few exotic recipe submissions in case your farmers market is in Rome, Delhi or Morocco.

Zenofeller is serving some Italian dishes; Gnocchi in Lemon Sauce, Spaghetti (Pomodori e Pollo), and an Italian twist on Deviled Eggs. Bit of a warning for those easily offended, the language on the recipes is salted well.

Soniya of Masala Mix offers up one of the most interesting banana recipes I have ever read, Banana Halwa. The recipe calls for cardamom, which is a wonderfully rich and earthy spice. She also offers an interesting rice recipe, Tamarind Rice. I have seen tamarind pods at Whole Foods and also just today at a Spanish market. Your best bet, however, for most of the ingredients would be an Indian food market.

Tastes Like Chicken
Here’s a great segue way from the exotic to the domestic, domestic poultry, that is. This week’s carnival includes several good ideas on what to do with the Original White Meat.

Triticale the Wheat/Rye Guy gets extra special bonus points since he hit all three recipe themes (without knowing two of the themes that showed up) in this week’s carnival — farmers market ingredients, chicken AND ethnic. Check out his recipe for Chicken With Cucumber And Bitter Melon. Okay, Bill, did you read the emails before I did? How'd you know?

Asparagus is a seasonal favorite, found in farmers markets usually from end of April through first of June. Cehwiedel of Kneadle Work posts a recipe for Wheatless Chicken and Asparagus Chowder. This recipes uses oat flour instead of wheat flour for those who have wheat allergies.

Gerry from Disease Proof is serving up Moroccan Chicken plus a bonus salmon recipe under the heading of Non-Vegetarian Nutrient-Dense Dishes.

Arimou from What’s Cooking has a surprising take on baked chicken, Baked Granola Chicken.

I love a good use of leftovers to make a new, creative meal the following day. Suzanne from Adventures in Daily Living offers up a double-header recipe with Lemon Garlic Chicken on day one, followed up with Chickie Baskets on day two.

Sticking with the Lemon Garlic Chicken theme, Bill from Slow Cooker Recipes (and also Pancake Recipes and Chicken Recipes) has a hands-free slow cooker variation of this classic. Bill's Chicken Recipes blog features Chicken in a Packet.

Thanks to all who submitted recipes, and my best regards to those who submitted links, but not recipe-related posts. Good luck finding the right carnival for you! Next week’s Carnival of Recipes will be hosted at Arvind Devalia’s Thoughts and Words. Be sure to submit your posts by 12 p.m. CST Saturday. You can also submit your posts at Blog Carnival.


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