Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

I've been out and about on other blogs and have found some fun memes and carnivals. This one is the Thursday Thirteen in which I explain thirteen things going on in my household this week.

  1. After a trip to Mental Tessarae, I am now trying to recover from the realization that I have only one second toe longer than my first. My feet do not match.
  2. I finished the childhood nutrition series only to realize I am behind and have four new recipes I have to get posted; Blueberry-Almond Chicken Salad, Tomato-Chard and Potato Breakfast Torte, Soyccatash, Lemon Chicken Scallopini with Artichokes and Capers.
  3. Work. Always work. More work.
  4. I am taking vacation time to clean house. It's that bad.
  5. I have to remember not to give the car keys to my child. She believed my joke about her driving home yesterday and would not give them back.
    "Give Mommy the keys, please."
    "No. I drive."
    "You can't reach the pedals."
    "I drive!"
  6. More vacation time to clean the basement and garage! WhooHoo! I think I will wear Bermuda shorts and sunglasses, and sandals with black socks just so I can feel like an American tourist on vacation. Well, maybe not sandals. There are spiders. Big spiders.
  7. The farmers market opens up this weekend so I can buy more greens and my herb plants.
  8. I have to find organic potting soil for my herbs and lettuces and get them planted.
  9. I have to ponder my husband's request that we desperately "need to create a signature dish for parties." It's not easy for a laid-back, practical girl to be married to a metrosexual. He came complete with good looks, flowered dishes and a set of silver — service for 12. He tricked me with the manly Triumph motorcycle and the Rottweiler. And then I saw the dishes. I've been confused ever since.
  10. I have to figure out how to make deviled goose eggs when the eggs take a half hour each to hard boil.
  11. TWO Easter egg hunts
  12. A trip to a local grass-fed dairy to take my child to pet "baby cows" and learn where milk really comes from.
  13. Posting for the site and the local site for the 2007 challenge.


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Thank you! I enjoyed your blog and the Thursday theme!