Monday, April 30, 2007

More Good Reasons Not to Import Food from China

From the New York Times:
  • The pet food case has put China’s agricultural exports under greater scrutiny.

  • The country has had a terrible food safety record.

  • China’s recent food safety scandals include: fake baby milk formulas; soy sauce made from human hair; cuttlefish soaked in calligraphy ink; and eels fed contraceptive pills for growth.

  • Chinese officials deny that melamine from the country could have killed pets, but have created a ban on using the substance for export. How that ban will be enforced is not explained in the article.

  • Melamine has been mixed into Chinese animal feed and then sold to unsuspecting farmers as protein-rich pig, poultry and fish feed for many years now.

Note to self, buy local poultry and pork that does not eat commercial feed...


Rachel said...

eeeeeeew. Soy sauce made from human hair?! OMG. I just finished a bottle of soy sauce, so I can't go and check whether it was from China. AAACK.

The Expatriate Chef said...

Sorry. Yeah, what's up with that? It all sounds awful.

Rachel said...

how do they make human hair taste like soy sauce? how can it possibly be cheaper than fermenting soy beans, for christ's sake?! EEEEEWWWW! Barf!