Tuesday, April 17, 2007

How Was Your Day?

I thought a lot about my day yesterday, my perfectly normal day. I sat on the floor and watched my child sleeping, and said a word of thanks for the miracle of "nothing special." A day where we all come home at the end. Take a walk, eat dinner, play a bit, then settle into bed.

I thought about the parents who lost their children in the shootings at Virginia Tech. I thought how much they longed for just another normal day, because nothing, nothing, will be normal again for them, ever. My heart hurt for them. And it hurt from straining at its very seams with gratitude for having had just another normal day.

We take each day for granted. How was your day? Oh, the usual, you know, same old, same old. I challenge each of us, out of respect, to realize just how good every day is. Call it a meme, call it what you will. But make a post, leave me a link in your comment and let me know, "How Was Your Day?" I'd like to hear about it.


Toby said...

When you have young children (and I do), I think you sometimes (often?) spend the day just trying to get to the end of it.

I'm trying not to do that any more. I'm trying to live in the moment and enjoy this precious piece of time while my kids are small and in my care 24/7. Too soon, they'll be out on their own.

My heart breaks for the families of VT today.

The Expatriate Chef said...

It's hard to slow down and enjoy. I catch myself doing the same. Because I work, it's even more important for me to make the most of the moments we get together. Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Great post. I have been trying to be more grateful for what I have instead of thinking about what I don't have. The tragedy at VT just makes me more thankful than ever for an "ordinary" day. My Monday was just that: worked and then came home to a great big kiss and hug from my son.
You are right, Toby. They grow up so fast and I'm also trying to appreciate all the moments.
Thanks for a thoughtful post.

The Expatriate Chef said...

Thanks. I was saddened. Instead of focusing on the tragedy, I wanted to fully appreciate what is good in life and not let a moment go by without awareness and gratitude. Glad you all share this understanding and are experiencing it as well.