Monday, April 16, 2007

Gray Market

I awoke Saturday morning to snow on the ground. Snow. Not much, but still, it’s April! Later in the morning, the snow changed to a cold rain. We headed to the market for its first weekend — finally! We were met with quite a bit of disappointment. One farmer showed and he was selling strawberries. These are not ripe here until June, and many farmer’s lost their plants in the recent freeze. So … as much as I wanted to thank the guy for coming out, I didn’t want to buy non-local produce.

The day was gray and cold to start, which did not help my mood. Try as hard as I could to get happy, the burr was stuck under my saddle. The kiddo did not seem to mind it all. She got to eat her croissant at the market’s coffee shop and go color and smell jars at the spice store. I struggled for a good mood, giving five bucks to an indigent woman who is always there on Saturday morning. I figured I could use some good karma, or at least a reason the day was not lost.

As we drove home, the sun began to break through the clouds. Even so, the Kiddo had to drag me outside for a walk. I caved in, and watched her happily zooming up the sidewalk, full-speed through the puddles. She makes the best of every situation. It’s a good reminder for me. Sometimes, we all need to forget the rain and cold and just go jump in the puddles.

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