Thursday, March 08, 2007

Eating Better than Organic

A quick break from the childhood nutrition series, then back to that. I had to post an update on the following. Time magazine's cover article (COVER!) is on the issue of eating local versus big organic. While it's nice to see the mainstream media embracing the issue, it's pretty amazing to see it on the cover of Time.

As an added bonus, the article mentions (and links to online) the web site I have been participating on as an author, This is the second time the site has had a mention in the news magazine, but the first cover story.

My sincere congrats to Jen at (love the url!) who started the eatlocalchallenge and found all of us authors hanging out in various blogs.

It's a good day for all of us locavores!


Frugal Mom said...

The article is great. I have to say tho, like I always do, that it is still confusing to me. I mean I get the whole idea of eating local and of eating organic. The ideal is to eat local organic, right? So, if you have the option to buy a local head of lettuce that is pesticide free and all that jazz that's great! However, and this is where my confusion comes in to play, if I don't have that option do I go for the organic lettuce from far, far away or get the local lettuce that isn't free of pesticides? I wish there was a clearer answer. What do you tend to do?

The Expatriate Chef said...

Wow. It's hard. I choose my farmer's market and the farmers I buy from there based on sustainable methods and pesticide-free. Organic is an expensive label, many farmers can't afford the label and paperwork, but their methods are better than the questionable USDA standards. Many items are not available as organic, even at Whole Foods. I do the best I can, buy what is healthy, and buy the best option for the items available.

I also work hard to seek out farmers who practice sustainable methods, and raise healthy foods. It keeps me busy, not that work and child-raising doesn't!

Does that help?

Frugal Mom said...

Yeah, that helps. I also go to the markets when they are open. Which is from May thru Nov. We dont have a Whole Foods around here. The closest one is about 3 hrs away.

I have also found that many of the smaller farms are not certified and I am totally okay with that. I realize it is for reasons you stated and I understand that. I guess I sorta take the stance that I would prefer to buy local foods even if they cant be pesticide free just because they are fresher and right here versus traveling in a truck from somewhere far away. Which to me means that they were more than likely picked before they were ripe and dont taste as good and potentially dont have as many vitamins and nutrients.

We have an apple orchard and pumpkin patch within walking distance of our house. Even tho they are not pesticide free, I would prefer to buy there instead of buying an organic apple in the grocery store.

Okay, now I am rambling! Thanks for your help. Its nice to hear how others are managing all the choices.