Thursday, March 22, 2007

Childhood Nutrition Series

The following articles are posted currently for the childhood nutrition series. Part II of the Why Kids Eat What They Do (or Don't) will be posted this afternoon.

The State of Our Union's Children
A detailed overview of what trends are occurring in our children's diets, and the factors that contribute to the issues

Our Children Are What They Eat

A look at what our children are eating and the nutritional issues parents face.

Why Kids Eat What They Do (or Don't)
A look at all the sources of dietary influence on our children's food choices. This includes schools, parents, social activity, marketing, culture. The post will examine each contributing factor and how it affects our kids.

Food Marketing and Your Child
A Parent's Action List: We Shall Overcome
This topic belongs under the sources post, but it has become such a huge issue that it needs to be reviewed in depth. An estimated $10 billion is spent anually to market foods to children and youth. Often these marketing messages are targeted to pre-schoolers who are too young to be able to differentiate commercial messages from educational messages.

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