Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Is it over?

I woke up Saturday feeling a bit lost. The feeling continued even as I took my little one to the park to play. Across the lot, the children’s farmstead and petting zoo was empty and locked up tight for the winter.

She looked longingly across the way. “I want farm,” said the sad little voice.

“So do I, honey, so do I,” I said.

You see, last weekend was the last of the farmer’s market days for the season, and the last of the children’s farmstead days as well. Both of these things had been a huge part of our weekends for months now. Seems like nothing went right the whole rest of the weekend. Life just wasn’t normal. How could all this be over?

You can read the rest of my "end of challenge" post at the site. The experience has been amazing. It changed the way I cook and think about food. Though the challenge is over, I know I will continue to eat local and source local. You will see this theme continue here in The Kitchen.

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