Thursday, August 10, 2006

Eat Local Challenge

For the occasional reader who wanders into the "kitchen," my apologies for not posting as much lately. I have been busy working on the Eat Local Challenge web site along with all the other authors there. You should stop by and see what's been cooking, and read some of the work by the talented authors there. Also check out one of my latest recipes for Vegetable Parmigiano. It uses a few pantry items and some of the best of the summer produce that is in season right now.

I am currently working on two more recipes that use some of the same fresh herbs, tomatoes, squash, onions, garlic ... I will post those soon. One is a Mediterranean Ratatouille with Saffron rice, the other is an "Italian meatloaf." Both are kid tested and crowd tested and passed muster. Look for those recipes as soon as I get the instructions written!

I am way behind on posts. There's a ton of content coming as soon as I get it all put down into coherent thoughts here.


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