Thursday, November 17, 2005

The New Betty

Got a link to the new Betty Crocker site's blog in a marketing email that I get at work. Like the content of the Betty Crocker cookbook and Betty Crocker mixes and anything Betty Crocker, the blog is about as inoffensive, bland, and mainstream as it gets. It lacks spice and flavor.

The idea behind the blog is not original, either. The original idea was a blogger who attempted to cook every recipe in Julia Child's class French cookbook. Further, the Betty Crocker blogger critiques the instructions in the book's recipes (they did not mention if the apples needed to be peeled, etc.). She's the editor there, why didn't she catch those issues during her actual work? Perhaps it is because the editor does not know how to cook. Hmmm. Well, hopefully the experience will help her in her job.

I hope this is not a book in my library. I have some red and black checkered cover one ... I may have to burn it now.