Thursday, August 11, 2005

Herbs and Dessert

Hmm, am I seeing a culinary trend or have I just been blind to a good thing all this time?

This is another note on the theme of using traditionally savory herbs in sweet dishes. Just got a recipe email from Williams-Sonoma, of course pushing one of their products, Fig Jam. Goat Cheese Crepes with Fig Jam is the dish which can be served as a brunch item or dessert. The recipe calls for thyme, however, in the crepe batter, and a parsley garnish. Though, I would suspect you would omit the parsley garnish for a dessert service of this and garnish with a fresh fig, or a curl of lemon zest, etc.

I think I need to explore this idea in depth. Ever since the "Crumble Awakening," I keep seeing new ways to put herbs into dessert. Earlier this year (Valentine's Day) I was treated to heavenly Rosemary Caramels (and Lavendar and Saffron as well) from Christopher Elbow, and Vosges Exotic Caramels. I am all for this new place for herbs. Lavendar ice cream, anyone?

Just a note on the Christopher Elbow chocolates ... these are stunningly gorgeous. Almost too pretty to eat. But definitely eat them.


wongoz said...

I've had lavender gelato at this place in Nice, France... not my cup of tea. It tastes too much like soap... or rather, what I think soap would taste like.

Rachael said...

Lavender honey icecream with pink peppercorns. Its amazing.

Or apple pie with black pepper.

Fennel cheesecake.

Rosemary Shortbread.

Oh wow, the list could go on and on and on. Mmm.