Wednesday, August 03, 2005

A Cause for Celebration

Somewhere in Culinary Heaven, Julia Child is smiling. Down here on earth, so am I.
Atkins Nutritionals, the former heavyweight champion of the low-carb diet business, filed for bankruptcy protection yesterday.

A few years ago, we used to visit the Italian market store each weekend. Fresh fava beans and Pecorino in spring, baby artichokes, imported pasta, good olive oil. Pure gastronomic delight. No trip was complete until we stocked up on Kalamata olives for tapenade and made a stop next door to buy fresh artisan bread. The two shops shared an open doorway and operated as a team. You could smell the aroma of fresh bread baking while you shopped. You could just buy a hunk of aged gouda and some crusty bread and have a feast on the sidewalk in spring.

Then the dark day came. A note on the bread store's window simply said, "Closed due to lack of business from Atkins diet."

I was crushed. I longed for the capital to buy the bread store and make my own bread, profits and Atkins be damned. The Italian market bought the space to expand and uses the ovens for pizza. The bread store is no more still. But, finally, retribution. Sanity.

Celebrate. Go buy fresh bread.

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